Emmanuel Eritrean Church Arlington VA

The Light House of Faith Hope and Love at Metropolitan area Washington DC

Welcome, to our family community church Mission. We are committed to teaching biblical truth and sound doctrine which leads to a fulfilling life of genuine godliness and sincere devotion to God. We serve: in the spirit of excellence, integrity, agape love and compassion - for our community in the DC Metropolitan area in general, and Eritreans in the area in particular – we extended serving our community through: hospital visitation, providing assistance to refugees and counseling the homeless. In addition, we provide professional language interpretation and translation for Tigrinya, Amharic, Tigre, Kunama, Saho and Arabic speakers. Please come and join us.

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 How Christianity Began in Eritrea...Click here for more.

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Tigrinya is an African Semitic language spoken by the Tigrinya people, used by over six million people of Eritrea and Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia. Tigrinya is closely related to Tigre language which spoken in the low lands of Eritrea. Christianity came to Tigrinya people on the fourth century AD.

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