Emmanuel Eritrean Baptist Church Arlington VA

The Light House of Faith Hope and Love at Metropolitan area Washington DC

Welcome, to our website. We are committed mission church, teaching biblical truth and sound doctrine. We serve: in the spirit of excellence, integrity, agape love and compassion - for the DC Metropolitan area in general, and Eritreans in the area in particular, we extended serving our community through: refugees assistance, hospital ministry, and counseling. In addition, we provide professional language interpretation and translation for Tigrinya, Amharic, Tigre, Kunama, and Arabic speakers. Please come and join us.

Tigrinya audio Bible

 How Christianity Began in Eritrea...Click here for more.

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Eritrean History
          Free Tigrinya Bible for detention centers, shelter,
                      hospital and prison ministries


Today, give your beloved the best gift. There’s a reason why the Holy Bible is the best- gift in our time. It is about The Lord Jesus, love, life and joy. In the Bible you will get advice on family issues, gives you wisdom for parenting, and brings you bright hope for present and future. Also, provides comfort and guidance for your life.

Eritrean Tigrinya bible